Saturday, January 30, 2010


I haven't been blogging because I never get comments which doesn't motivate me to blog. And I haven't been losing weight so I don't feel motivated to work out either.... : \

No matter if I eat good or not I still stay at the same freakin weight and its driving me batty!!!! I am at a loss of what to do and I have a wedding to go to in March and I'm still going to be a freakin cow! GAH!!!!! And to make matters worse my mom has made it to Onederland and I'm stuck in 200ville and can't go anywhere. I guess its a plus that I'm not gaining but I stay the same weight week after week and I'm really tired of it. I don't have the money to pay someone to tell me what I should and shouldn't eat or to give me an individualized workout plan to help me accomplish my goals so I'm kinda just stuck and hate it soooooo much!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Road Blocks and Speed Bumps

No matter how hard I try or want to I can't seem to jump on the weight loss wagon. I haven't weighed in so long and I'm honestly afraid to... I've been so frustrated with not being able to find a job and not having a car that I don't even feel like going to work out or anything. Don't have a workout buddy to keep me motivated because my best friend can't decide when she's going to start working out again either. And I can't stop eating!!! Its driving me crazy. No matter how much I try when I eat good foods I just am hungry all the time, even if I eat "filling" foods. Its just frustrating!

Monday, January 4, 2010

So 2010 is here...

I feel 2010 is going to be a good year for me and it started off great. I was the DD for New Years Eve and still had a blast with everybody. For my birthday I had a party at a bar in Atlanta, which was by far the best birthday I've ever had. All the most important people were there and that meant a lot to me. So now its back to square one with dieting and exercise. And I WILL get into a bikini this summer and I will look awesome in it, without losing my curves.

So today marks the 1st day of the Healthy New Me Challenge (which I made up by the way to get myself out of this stupid plateau I've been on since Thanksgiving!) . I have one bottle of Dr. Pepper left that I'm finishing and then its water, water, water. My mom went to the grocery store yesterday and bought all healthy foods so no more eating out. I have a few "resolutions" so to speak.

Diet/Weight loss Resolutions

1. I want to lose 50 lbs by June
2. Im going to exercise 2x's a day at least 3 days a week( going to shoot for 5 days but 3 days is the minimum and no less than that).
3. Drink more water
4. Not eat out so much
5. I want to take yoga/pilates/kickboxing class to relieve stress in my life.

Personal Resolutions

1. Be more positive
2. Become more confident in myself
3. Get a good steady job
4. Be happy for once and not just make everyone else happy
5. Make more time for "ME"