Friday, July 23, 2010

I really am still here everybody!!!!!

I am so sorry for letting everyone down for the past month. I have been super busy with this new job. I am now on a permanent position so the transition has been crazy with training and everything and I also have family in town so I'm eating like crazy. I will weigh in friday once I've had a chance to get settled with my schedule for work. I'll be working a lot of over time this coming week so I won't be online much at all! The challenge is definitely still on ladies and again I am sorry for deserting everyone. 
My current weight is 213 so I'm back to the beginning again. I need to continue this challenge because I am going to Arizona Sept 17-20 for my best friends birthday and I don't wanna look like a fat cow in pictures. LOL.

Well ladies I will try to comment this weekend but like I said I have family in town and have a really busy weekend planned out. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Good luck next week ladies, I know its getting close to the end.

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  1. Hey there. :D I'm glad that you checked in and that your job is going so well. It takes time to settle in and get into the routine. Good that you are getting overtime. Overtime is your friend.

    Good to know that the challenge is still on. I wondered if I was the last die hard hanging on, or something. lol

    I hope that you get a chance to catch a breath, soon.

    September in Arizona is a lovely time of year. It is cooling off a bit, the Monsoon is usually over and Fall is beginning to settle in at higher elevations.