Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm alive but not quite back yet.

I wanted to let everyone know I am still alive but I am not officially back on track. I am sick with some kinda infection may it be strep or just something else. I'm too broke to go to the doctor and I don't have insurance so I'm just dealing with it for now with antibiotics and vitamins. 

I am moving Oct. 15, I finally am moving out on my own and will have a place to call my own. Hopefully I am better by then because I want to be able to enjoy my first days in my new apartment. Once I get over this illness I will definitely be back on track and working out again.

My challenge I did ended up being an epic fail and I let all of you down so I want to apologize for that. 
I did just get back from Arizona and I had a blast and now I've been sick ever since I got back, LOVELY!

I am exhausted and run down so I am going to bed now but I will begin blogging again very soon. Thanks to all those who sent me messages and who were concerned as to my where abouts. I appreciate it. 

Good night all.

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  1. Welcome Back! I hope you feel better soon, I hope the move goes smoothly and I hope you get back on track and back to blogging soon. Take care.