Sunday, May 16, 2010


Tammy this is for you and my mom!

My mom found an awesome dress for her wedding today, so I'm excited for her. Then reality hit me that I will be wearing a Bridesmaid's dress in Oct so I really need to do this challenge I took the time to create. SO, I'M GOING TO KEEP MY BLOG OPEN A CONTINUE WITH MY CHALLENGE! It will start next Monday May 24 and will last through Aug 23. That seems like a long time but it will fly by just like the past 5 months have. My mom's wedding is in Oct so I will probably still stick with my challenge though the end of Sept. If anyone wants to keep going with me then feel free to. In case anyone didn't read the rules to the challenge I will repost them again in this post.

Anyone wanting to participate in the challenge has until Friday to leave a comment and let me know you want to join.
The challenge will be from May 24- Aug 23.

Now for the rules of the challenge. 

1. Post the Challenge sticker on your page and also at the head of your post when you do your weekly weigh ins.

2. Start your first post by stating what you would like to accomplish  during this challenge whether it be a weight goal or an exercise goal.

3. You must weigh in every Friday(with the exception of your initial weigh in which will begin on Monday May 24) with a picture of your scale reading that weeks weight.

Winner will be determined by who loses the most weight.
(Also, people who state a goal and meet it during the challenge will win something as well.)

Winners will win something special. Not sure what yet, when I think of it I will update this. I'm thinking I will treat the winner to a new outfit to show off their new self. Still in the thinking process but I think that's a good one.

Those are the rules for the challenge! 

 I also have a few other rules that I'm doing for myself for this challenge that I will post along with some pictures I made up to simulate me now and then me at my goal weight.

The picture on the left is me now at 210 and the one on the right is me at my goal 140. 

Now, I realize that I probably won't reach 140 before my trip in July but just to get into Onederland would be  awesome! I am looking forward to this challenge and I'm hoping I actually have people join the challenge and that I don't have to do it alone. Either way, I'm going to do it!

So here are some of the rules I'm setting for myself.
1. I have a goal to lose 20lbs at the minimum for this challenge.
2. I'm going to take pictures of my food, everything! 
(Yes, Tammy gave me this idea. I saw how well it worked for her so I am incorporating it into my challenge as well, for myself. If anyone else wants to do this feel free to but I know it will help me because I won't want to take pictures of bad foods to put on here.)
3. I will also post a picture of what my scale says each week. 
4. Even though I don't have a gym membership anymore, I'm going to start working out on Monday.
(Either on a friends buddy pass at the gym or around the neighborhood, there's quite a few hills in this neighborhood that I can take advantage of.)
5. I will be aiming for an hour of exercise daily.
(If I get in more then that's awesome, but I haven't worked out in a few months now so I'm starting with an hour as my goal.)
6. I will be counting my calories.
(I'm going to stay between 1500 and 1700 cals a day)
7. I will be cutting out ALL alcohol consumption for the duration of the challenge. Minus what I consume while in Arizona in August.
8. I will be drinking WATER WATER WATER!!!
(This is a really big thing for me because I am addicted to sweet tea!)
9. This is a big thing for me, so its going to be extremely hard to cut out of my diet but I'm going to do it. 
(White starchy potatoes are not good for you and neither is adding cheese to them.)
10. I will eat more fruits and veggies.
This goal is not just for the challenge but so that I can get in the habit of eating more fruits and veggies.

Well, there you have it!
I hope to get some people to join the challenge soon, look forward to seeing all of you succeed as well as myself.

One must eat to live and not live to eat.
       - Moliere



  1. I'm definitely going to do your challenge. I'm glad it doesn't start til next Monday, lol. I just want to get that job started so I can get over the initial stress of Day One and get comfortable. Then I'll be able to concentrate better on the weight loss. I'm thinking I'll probably take pics of my food again, too. It most definitely worked, there's no denying that. Kept me from making a lot of bad choices. I'm glad you're doing it, too! :) Do me a favor if you can remember, and shoot me a reminder by this weekend so I can read over your rules again and post correctly next Sunday night for my Monday morning start. Thanks! :)

  2. I'm in! I love challenges! Thanks for stopping by my blog.I will definitely start following you!

  3. Yay!! Miss Haneefa is in!! Now if I could just get her to email me with her address so I can mail her souvenirs to her! lol

    Why are you going to Arizona? And I have NO idea when I'm going to fit in the exercise...probably not for a couple of weeks til I get used to my more mid-afternoon naps!! :)

  4. Read the rules, wrote the post, challenge ready. This is going to be sooooo fun. I love challanges and yours has a nice flexibility. LET THE GAMES BEGIN! (Next Monday that is)

  5. I don't blog- too lazy and computer illiterate but I would love to join your challenge. I'll post my food and see if I can get my daughter to help me with photos LOL. I just got a new blackberry so no excuses. I enjoy reading weight loss blogs to help motivate me! I like to cook so that's a problem and of course, I like good food!! I have been the same number for several years now and that needs to CHANGE and go DOWN!

  6. so glad you are continuing with your blog:)
    I want to join the challenge but can't get weighed for two weeks as I am on holiday. Can I start a week lat please?

    Ypou are going to look stunning as a bridesmaid for your mum:)


  7. NAN, could you at least email me so I will have your email address or are you planning on making a private page so I can check your progress? Just need to make sure I am able to write everyone's weight loss down every week. Thanks.


  8. I want to join! I know I'm late, and my scale's battery died today, but I am willing to weigh in tomorrow and then every Friday! I pledge to lose 10 pounds in that time period! Work out at least 3 times a week! Totally doable! WIll update my blog later!

  9. I'm in. I will come up with my goals after some thought. I need the extra motivation right now.

  10. Ok I'm in...I need to get moving on down for that wedding too. Although I don't want to have the entire dress altered. LOL

  11. Hi, I found your blog via Tammy. Hope you don't mind if I join in!

  12. I am SO IN!!!
    Don’t shut it down we have goals to meet chick!
    I’m about to make my post now. EXCITING!!!!

  13. I am in too - awesome idea :-)

  14. HEY! Found your blog and challenge through Tammy at From Fat to Fab and MissHaneefa!! I'm totally joining this awesome challenge. I blog on LJ here: You can follow my RSS Feed or I'll just update a scale pic every friday on my Blogger account!

    Thanks for this awesome challenge!

  15. Hi. I found your blog through Tammy at Fat to Fab. I'm glad that you didn't shut down your blog. And I would like to participate in your challenge. I think I am ready for one at this point.

    I haven't decided exactly what my challenges will be... I have time to cement that. :D I am looking forward to this. :D

    Need my url?

  16. I'm going to take the challenge.. and win!!! YEAH!!! I'm going to post youR challenge tomorrow morning on my blog.!!!!

  17. Am I too late? I'd like to participate in the challenge as well! And I am SO ready. :)

  18. OK here I am up before 5 AM; I am definitely a morning person but this is TOO EARLY! I will try to change the settings on my blog (if it can be called that)! My number one challenge is to remember to write down everything I eat. I usually start out great and then forget or should I say get lazy or don't want to be truthful to myself. Anyhow I'm READY! I'll send you my email too. NaN

  19. I'm a little late, but hopefully it's not too late to join in!